Playing with Music

Rehearsing with music

Today Jeff Turpin, our soundscape composer-musician came to rehearsal for the first time, so Tony and I decided to do a fun read-through of the script, to give him an idea of how we play. Jeff brought several instruments, some familiar to me, some he almost certainly has made himself because they look like the unusual offspring of several different instruments.  I’ll take photos next time.

So we read, and we played, and Jeff played along, switching instruments, wandering around us as we roamed around him, happily interacting with us. At the end he gave me a run down of what he got from the text, and a whole bunch of new possibilities emerged that never occurred to me as I wrote it. I’ll happily take whatever I can get!

About Flloyd Kennedy
Flloyd has performed as a traditional folk singer, cabaret artist and street performer, as well as being founding artistic director of Golden Age Theatre, Glasgow. She performed in Scotland with a number of touring companies before returning to Australia in 1997. Now based in Brisbane, Australia, Flloyd shares her experience with student and professional actors, professional men and women, community groups and youth theatres. The human voice in performance is her passion and she is deeply committed to encouraging everyone to explore their potential, in all walks of life. She is currently undertaking post graduate research at the University of Queensland, her topic being “The Performing Voice in Theory and Practice”. Flloyd Kennedy's approach to actor training has been influenced by some of the world's foremost voice and theatre practitioners, including Valerii Galendiev of The Maly Drama Theatre of St Petersburg (Russia), Anna Petrova of the Moscow Art Theatre School (Russia), Shauna Kanter (USA), Krszysztov Miklasewski (Poland), Frankie Armstrong, John Wright (England), Harriet Buchan (Scotland), Marcia McCallum (Australia) and Ira Seidenstein (Australia). Flloyd also creates jewellery, using wire-sculpture, wire-wrapping and beading techniques. Find out more at

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